Dad and Mum I love you_我爱爸爸妈妈英语作文150字

2020-03-14作者:推荐访问:初一作文 初中作文

There are so many things is our lives we should love. Such as the air, the sunshine, our lovely friends and dear teathers. But the people I mostly want to give love to are my parents.

First, thank you very much for your love. I love you, too. It is you that give birth to me. You always take care of me. For example, you help me with my homework. though you are very tired from a whole day's work. But sometimes I cannot understand you very well. I always make you very angry. Thougt I am very busy with my homework, I never feel stressed. I lead a happy life because of your love.

Believe me, I will try my best to be a successful person and let you be proud of me in the future.

I love you, dad and mum.